Monday, October 12, 2009

Some Authentic JHH Coziness

Here is another cozy quilt for my boys. You see both of their initials are JHH so it is for both of them. I am lovin' it ~ very boyish. It is made from Sweetwater's Authentic line for Moda. I appliqued the JHH out of some of the leftover charms from the charm pack.
I feel like all I have done is simple patchwork quilts, but hey this is just my third quilt so I am just trying to get some practice. The next one I am working on is kickin' my booty, lots of crazy angles and some other fun things that I cannot wait to post.
In the meantime I hope you enjoy this little one. I know I am.
Hmmmm, maybe I will make another entry at The Park City Girl's Blogger's Quilt Festival.
Yes, I think I will, go check it out.


Zonnah said...

I love the colors!

...dotty... said...

I think you're well on your way, girl.
You go with those angles........but remember, there's nuthin' wrong with squares !

Carol said...

Nothing wrong with simple designs. Very nice "manly" quilt :)

Jane said...

Your sons will love this quilt in future years because you thought of them. BTW, my initials are JHH too. Love it.

Letterpress said...

You know I've been fingering these fabrics over at my local quilt shop, trying to figure out what to do with them. Perfect idea--use them to make more letters! I like the one-patch idea to show off the fabrics. Sometimes we quilters forget that our fabrics can be the strongest part of the design. Very fun!