Thursday, October 29, 2009

OK Bakerella, here we go...

Surely you have heard of the Bakerella, but if not, check her out....

which is exactly where I got the recipe for these little cuties...

with a little cool whip for the kiddos

And a try at piping jack-o-lantern faces, came out more like smilie faces, but they sure look like happy little pumpkin pies.

So I am obviously no Bakerella, but they came out great! I'm kind of proud of myself.

They were a hit with these little guys,
then off for some quiet time on the couch with their respective cozy quilts watching Little Bear.

No school today for either of the boys

so we spent the afternoon making spookilies for the family room.

Lots of ghosts, bats, pumpkins, witches hanging from the family room ceiling.

We are ready for Halloween!
If only the temperature would drop out of the 90's - seriously it is almost November -
I cannot stand it anymore!

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