Wednesday, August 15, 2012

All done

This boy is all done with pre-school and headed to kindergarten in just a few days.

Nothing but trouble, they get away with everything!

This little pack is splitting up, I'll miss picking them up in carpool and meeting for playdates and lunch in the middle of the day. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Catching Up

Where to begin...maybe Spring Break
We traveled to Denver to see our cousins and to ski at Beaver Creek.
These kiddos did a great job on the plane, both ways.

Hello luggage!

Cutie Cousins!!

Last week of March and no snow anywhere so we had to travel even farther to see it.
But we found it.

We put our boys in 1/2 day ski school (their cousins are already experts) hoping to get lessons ourselves and that lasted for about an hour. 
Then we were spotted and the crying started and our kids dropped out of ski school.

So Uncle Keith tried and they learned a little bit but decided skiing wasn't for them.
But tubing was good so we spent lots of time tubing instead.

The cousins got along so well!  Great friends.

A little ice down the back from the littlest one.

The little boys

Me after learning to ski

My awesome ski instructor and cousin

Brian and Kim

Brian and the boys in Vail

My other awesome ski instructor and cousin Keith

Worn out boys heading home!