Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our new lady - Sadie!

This is our sweet little Sadie. She is out 10 week old yellow lab puppy. She is a wonderful girl. We are all getting acquainted and she is potty training well so far. Even Sam is warming up to her. Our sweet family is growing.

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Beach Vaca part 2

These are pics from our quick vacation at Hammock Beach resort in Palm Coast. Lots of fun again, the first is my "artsy" shot that my hubs suggest I take. Good Job B! Boys finally warmed up to the ocean just a little bit, but poor Lil J feel over and really didn't like that. Spent most of the time at the pool. Big J in the lazy river with dad and me and Lil J in the kids pool just floating around. Wish we could have stayed longer, maybe a whole week next year.

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Before and After - Big J's room

The before and after of Big J's new room. He loves it!
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Redecoration begins

I am starting with Big J's room. I have never been content with his room, maybe it is the paint colors but this will be the third major redecoration of his room and he just turned 4. I am going with the Monster Truck theme. He really loves ANYTHING that goes but is especially in love with all things monster trucks. I am going to actually paint the room this time. I started today by taking everything off the walls and patching the 1 millions little nail holes in the wall. I also moved some furniture around. I have some cute things planned, I hope it turns out nice for him.

Next will be Lil J's room. I am putting this one off because I absolutely love his room. I love the paint on the wall, the bedding set, the valance and the cute pillows that go with his room. I really don't want to change it, I will have to think about this one for awhile.

The husband informed me that after we repainted the walls of our foyer, living and dining rooms that he actually hates the paint color. Really??? Why are you telling me this now? So I would like to redecorate our bedroom but he is quite particular about decorating things - the little diva. But one project at a time.

My creations

These are some of my birthday party creations for the boys.

The Cars theme is for Big J's 4th birthday party and the Sesame Street theme is for
Lil J's 2nd birthday party.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MJ songs

So now that Michael Jackson has died and the huge funeral is over, I of course had to download lots of old MJ songs from iTunes. These boys are still having to listen to these songs whether they like it or not. I burned a CD just for the mamavan (about 8 more months until the lease ends! whoo hoo!) and off we went to the chick-a-lala for lunch.

Big J especially likes "Bad" and "Beat It". He was singing then on the way home, my little 80's boy! Make your momma proud.

Oh yeah, he has also taken up "boom, boom, pow" by the Black Eyed Peas. Not sure about this one, but he sure if funny dancing to this tune.


Little J will only call Big J "bubbie". If you ask him to say his name, this is his answer. I think it is adorable. Right now, everything Big J does, lil J is right behind him doing the same. When Big J is done with dinner, lil J says "me all done!" He follows him around the house, plays the same games. He wants to be just like him.

This is cute until there is a little too much togetherness. The boy fights have started; the kicking, punching, hitting, biting, shoving - oh yeah its arrived in full force in this house. One day, lil J is going to turn around show his bubbie who's boss - then they will go back to being best buds. Boys certainly are different than girls.

Daddy is on his way home!

Yeah! I have made it through my first time of the hubby being gone for several days. Daddy is on his way home and we are picking him up at the airport tonight. My boys have done well, upset only a couple of times that Daddy was away. My sweet Big J said something so wonderful to me last night as I was getting them in their jammies for bed. Big J put his hands on my face to hold it to look at him and he said, "mommy, you make my heart happy." My sweet love!

I had Miss M babysit today - she hasn't been over in a long time so Big J cried when I left. To my surprise, Lil J was perfectly fine. He has been my clingy one for so long. I got them surprise monster trucks at the Target and they LOVED them, they are playing monster truck jam as I write this. They are such wonderful, sweet little guys. I love them to the sun, the moon and starts and all the way back :D~

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

Here we are on the morning of July 4, 2009. Yes the boys are in matching USA Rocks shirts and I like it that way. Lots of fun today. We tried the Winter Park festivities - not much happening there. Then off to PF Changs for lunch, the boys particularly liked the mini desserts. Then off to the Target and then home. We pulled out the shark slip - n - slide for Big J while Lil J was asleep. Daddy even did the slip - n - slide and will probably pay for it tomorrow. Lil J did not like it at all but did like playing with the hose and squirting us with water. Onto dinner and cupcakes and then off to see the Fireworks at Lake Eola.

Now we cannot get close to the fireworks because Big J really does not like loud noises, so we found a nice spot at Lake Lucerne. It took the hubs about 30 minutes to convince Big J that it really was not as loud he thought it was and got him to take his fingers out of his ears. After that he had a nice time. Lil J was not afraid of the noise and had a good time. Off to bed I said!
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Tonight I decided that no one would get their dessert unless they ate most of their food. Food consisting of - oh my goodness - a veggie, corn. So big J asks me if it is good, what is inside the corn, so many questions as if he has never seen the vegbef ore in his life. I began thinking that he might be considering to give the little pieces of corn a try. Finally after I told him that the corn had salt and butter on it he actually did it, he ate one piece of corn! WOW. Vegetables are toxic you know.

So after eating the pieces of corn one by one, he was about onto his 4th piece and the hubby said he needed to put some on the fork and eat it. I agreed and told him that he needs to quit talking and start eating if he wants his dessert. So the little man looks at me and says "so mom, what do you think you want to do tomorrow?" If this child is not his father! All I could do was laugh, such a little scammer trying to talk his way out of eating his veggies!

At least there is my lil J, he is my good eater. Oh and my little man had his big boy Thomas underwear on for a bit tonight...potty training my be right around the corner.