Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Hobby Lobby is coming!

I am so excited, the Hobby Lobby is under construction in my area. 

The husband saw a sign on the old Circuit City building and was curious and just drove by and much to my excitement there was a little sign in the window saying "coming soon - The Hobby Lobby". 

I have been so jealous when I see bloggers say, "I got it at the Hob Lob", or "I was at the Hob Lob yesterday". 

My sweet craftiest friends responded to my facebook post, one of their husband's was not as thrilled as we were.  Can't wait until the grand opening.  Very exciting!

The house is coming along, wallpaper removal is well underway.  I took some before pictures today and will have them up soon.  Packing has also started, this move is quickly becoming a reality.  We should be comfortably in our new house 2 weeks from now.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Boom Boom

Just sittin' here watching TV on a Sunday night...not much going on and then...

Boom Boom.

2 sonic booms to let us know that the Space Shuttle is home. 

That is pretty cool.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

the enemy


Yes, wallpaper.  I am in the middle of taking the wallpaper off of the walls of our new house.  I thought I would be brave and tackle the one bathroom filled with wall paper and 2 bedrooms each with borders (and oh yes borders under the borders) all in one weekend. 

I thought I would just buy the ever so NOT amazing product called Wall Wick (anyone heard of it) to remove the enemy.  Did some research online and lots of good reviews, etc. Well, it didn't work out that way for me. 

Scoring, soaking, peeling, scraping, repeat.  And this is just the bathroom. 

The borders in the kids' bedrooms are a different story.  One layer came off and the second layer is stuck to the drywall and there is some damage underneath.  I am actually considering putting a new border on top of the old one. 

OH, and has anyone seen this paintable wallpaper?  Looks interesting. 

Well, at least my new Make Life by Sweetwater Moda Jelly Roll arrived so I can get back to work on my quilt.  Loving this fabric! 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

trying to be a decorator

My friends right now are Etsy and Ebay as I decorate my boys' rooms at the new house. 

If you have an Etsy shop I have probably been to it (at least if it contains vinyl or kids decorating stuff).

This is harder than I thought it would be.  I really want to get it right, make the boys'  rooms really boyish but sweet at the same time as they are still just 4 and 3 years old.  We have plenty of time icky, smelly boy rooms!

Lil J is getting firetrucks (he is going to be my little fireman one day) and Big J is unbelievably on the monster truck kick so his new room will be a newer version of his old monster truck room.

This is their rooms now. 

One major change that is coming is that we will no longer have a little one in a crib.  Lil J is FINALLY getting his own big bed (that one converts into a full size bed, we just need to get the mattress).

I am waiting to get into the new house to start removing some wall paper and painting their new rooms.

Lots going on around here.  The last phase of our home sale is underway, the appraiser came today and I think we just have the closing to do (oh yeah and the move) and we have officially sold our house. 

I would love to hear all of your advice on how to decorate a house.  I have been collecting a bazillion paint samples and printed as many pictures as I can of ideas. 

Part of me thinks it is best to take it slowly (room by room) BUT this house is different as much of the house is an open floorplan so I want the decorating to flow from room to room.

Any decorators, old pros, or just anyone with some good decorating advice out there???  I would love to hear from you!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


 My Sweet Little Blog,
I have missed you, sorry for neglecting you.  I will try to get better. 

Thank you Rania all the way from Greece (how exciting!) for emailing me today!  I so appreciate you writing to me and encouraging me to write more.  
Thank you!  Thank you!
I am still in shock that anyone reads my blog.  I love hearing from you!

Things have been moving at a waaayyyy toooooo rapid pace over here lately. 
We have under a month until we close on our house, which means we must move out BEFORE that. 
The kids have been puking...
the dog got spayed...
 room mom and photo mom duties...
injuries at IKEA (yeah I am mad at IKEA now)...
my sister moved halfway up I-4 (not happy about this either)
Things are just CRAZY around here.

We have begun a really exciting time.  We are moving.  This is really scary and really exciting all at the same time.  We get to start fresh with a new style.  According to Real Simple Magazine's March issue, my decorating style is "cozy casual". 
LOVE IT!  Dead on.

Our current home is mostly tan, lots of browns and tan.  I want to move away from that into a much different color scheme.  More blue-gray, gray, cream, etc.  The husband and I picked up EVERY paint sample booklet at Lowes today and I found this bookley from Olympic.  It's titled "Welcome"  I like it.

I am sure lots of before and after photos will be coming soon.

In the meantime, here are my little ones at preschool. 
If I could keep them in preschool forever I really think I would do it. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Yesterday I turned 31.

It started as a lovely day...
 kids off to preschool
a visit with a sweet friend
lunch and a little shopping with my mom
picking up the kids


I got my present from my dog.

A gigantic blue ink stain from a pen she thought would be delicious, right in the middle of our family room carpet. 
The size of 2 quarters and growing. 

Yes on the carpet of the house we are under contract to sell, the carpet that is one solid piece going from our family room to master bedroom.

Thanks Sadie, it was soooo thoughtful.

So after 3 hours of cleaning I think we got it out. 

Welcome 31, I am so glad you are here.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let's Get Packin'

We did it. 
We sold our house in just one week. 
I am happy and sad -
happy that this process was so quick in this stinkin' market...
and sad to say goodbye to our first home.

Now comes the hard part. Packing this house and moving our stuff down the road.

I have been begging for boxes at the Publix and Target today.
I don't know where to begin but I guess I will start tomorrow while the little ones are at school.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My little birthday boy

My little one turned 3 this past weekend. 
I officially no longer have babies, they are not toddlers, they are preschoolers - actual preschoolers.
Wow!  These years have flown by.
Nana got Lil J his very own motorcycle (or beep beep cycle as he calls them). 
Both boys LOVED this and would ride it for hours if the battery didn't run out on them. 

Now - mommy's of girls, don't be jealous but you are about to enter BOY zone.  Yes, Monster Trucks just happened to come to town last weekend and we were there. 

Not only at the show but at the Party in the Pit! 

Like I said, try to contain your jealousy please.
 In front of El Toro Loco

And Backdraft

And Predator...I could have kept on with the pictures but you get the idea.

We had a good time but they were ready to go early so we didn't get to see the whole show.  Maybe next year they will want to stay for the whole thing.

It is our tradition (thanks for the idea Auntie Sue & Duncan) to take the kids' pictures when the wake up on their birthday.  So this is Jacob's 3rd birthday morning picture.

Good morning baby!

I love you!

Happy Birthday!

PS - we have an offer on our house - in just one week.  We are in the negotiating process. Hopefully we will have an answer today.