Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No Girls Allowed?!?

I picked up Big J from preschool today and went through the usual "how was you day, what fun things did you do today, etc...."
My sweet boy tells me that he only likes the nice girls (2 certain little girlies in his class) and that he does not like the other girls.
WHAT?? This is not like him at all ~ he is a little ladies man.
He tells me that one of the girls in his class is having a birthday party and only the girls are invited. So he tells me that for his birthday party, NO GIRLS ALLOWED, except for the 2 certain girlies he approves of, not the other girls.
OHHHHHHHHHH, I get it. His feelings were hurt because he wasn't invitied.
I told him that they are probably doing something girlie like a princess party or a tea party or some other craziness like that. He was not happy about this at all.
So my only question to him was, am I at least inivited to your birthday party?
He said yes.
We'll wait for his birthday June to see if this is still an issue.
In the meantime, I bet he has been making this face at certain little girls at preschool.

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KarenSue said...

Hey birthday buddie-what about me?