Friday, October 9, 2009

Bloggers Quilt Festival

I am participating in Park City Girl's Bloggers Quilt Festival. Go check it out.

I sent in a link to the cozy quilt that I made for my lil sis. I miss it but I hope it is keeping her warm and cozy in these last couple weeks of her pregnancy.

My next quilt I will be finishing this weekend, it is for my boys made from Moda's Authentic line made by
Sweetwater - I cannot wait for their next line to come out, its called Make Life. Both are boyish. Which by the way, it is not easy to find boyish quilting fabrics.

So I am happy about this.

I have started my next quilt, which is a special one. I am not sure if I will be able to give it away easily. It is a quilt for my Big J's preschool's silent auction. It is filled with 14 adorable faces. I am so excited to see how this onewill turnout but nervous also. You see lots of people will see this quilt and up until now, the only ones to actually see my quilts are my family and they have to be nice, right? Oh and my facebook friends, but those are just pictures of my quilts. This one will be on display and people will (hopefully) bid on it. Oh my goodness , what if no one bids on it! I will post pics of both once they are finished. I really hope someone bids on it.

Oh and a flu update, boys still have some grossness - especially Lil J (won't go into detail but I am sure you can figure it out) - off to the pediatrician in an hour.

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