Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Milestone

My baby lost his first tooth this morning.
He was playing the Wii this morning and casually came into the family room and said,
"mom, my tooth fell out."
We have been trying to get him wiggle that thing out for weeks,
the tooth behind it is almost all the way in.

The tooth fairy will come to our house tonight for sure!
I made my little guys pouches for their teeth when the tooth fairy comes.
We'll see how it works out tonight.
She is sure to love it!

We also had a little art time in the front yard this morning
with our favorite girls down the street.

They each split a canvas in half and had their own little space for painting.
We needed a little outside creative time around here.

Even mommy was gettin' creative with the camera.
Trying full manual mode for the first time.
Practice, practice, practice!

The two shots below are in manual mode. 
I have been shooting in aperture mode for some time now and feel
that I have the hang of that. 
Now I need to bring it all together;
shutter speed
the right light
and many more things I know very little about

If only my little subjects would stay still...
not likely!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Friday Started with a Bang

Actually it started with a boom, 2 really.
The last sonic booms from a long time.
A little before 6 am on Friday the house shook as the space shuttle Atlantis came home.
The boys didn't hear it, but it woke me up.
Wonderful sounds.

Then it was off to the final day of VBS for the summer.
The kids had their celebration in our church's sanctuary and all 300 of them sang to us.

My sweet boys were up there singing too.

Then it was off to see a great concert with these sweet ladies.

(New Kids on the Block and BackStreet Boys)
It was great, beyond great.
One of the best concerts I have ever been to.

Matthew Morrison (from Glee) opened up and did a great job.

NKOTB & BSB performed together and then switched on and off throughout the night signing their own songs.

And since BSB is from Orlando, they had a special surprise for us.
They brought Boyz II Men on stage and they sang three songs for us.
So much fun!

I am so glad I went.
But of course the night ended,
 the girls dropped me off at my car and they headed back up to their home. 
 Headed to I-4, took a wrong turn and
found the tour bus,
got out and got Joey McIntyre's autograph and picture.

This is the cell phone pic I was texted by my wonderful friend.
UGHHHHH, I was so upset they had already dropped me off!
But so happy for her, she is a big fan.

Next time they come back we are going,
and waiting around for the autographs!

Fun, fun weekend!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

What's Happening on our Farm?

We are on the backside of summer,
a little more than 4 weeks until school starts in this house.

We are finishing up VBS this week,
I had a PTA leadership conference last week
and tomorrow night, the best of all,
I am going to see NKOTBSB!!

Enough acronyms for ya'll?

I am also working on my FWQAL blocks
(farmer's wife quilt-a-long)

I have 14 total (week 7), so I am only a week behind.
Not bad.
Here are my latest blocks.

This was my little photoshoot helper today.
I think he might just be a natural!
He loved using mommy's camera.

These were taken on my iPhone with the hipstamatic app.

These little guys are turning into jumping fish in our pool.
They jump in and run to the side to jump in again, and again...
Until the poor boys are out of breath and they need a rest.

This is their improvised diving board.
Thank goodness they don't dive yet,
but it looks like this is a peek into future summers.

Happy Almost Weekend!
Anyone else out there that is going to or has already gone to see NKOTBSB??
Wish I still had my gigantic Joey McIntyre button. 
I think it will be outstanding,
the husband has another opinion, that is why he is not going.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pintrest Inspiration

I created these two pictures of my little ones recently.

I found this adorable idea from this photo on Pintrest.

it was super easy to create,
I did some editing in my Photoshop Elements Program
and then added the text in Picasa.

Loving Pintrest right now, so many great ideas out there!
You can follow my pins here.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FWQAL More Blocks and a Big Fail

I am moving right along here on my farm for the farmer's wife quilt a long.

Now 9 blocks total.
And one very big fail block.

Here it is, the homemaker block with the Y seams.
I have never done a Y seam and thought of course I can handle do it.
I can do the single girl curved piecing so why not this?!?
Um, apparently I cannot do this correctly.
This will wait for another day.
I am glad though, I really don't like my fabrics for this block.
Moving on.

These are my successful blocks done this week.
Gentleman's Fancy block with a little Flea Market Fancy,
like that!

The Homeward Bound block with a cutie little cowboy.

And the Jackknife block.
I really like this one, it is Kate Spain's Central Park
and some green dots from my fabric stash.
Some of the prints from Central Park seems to work nicely with Sunkissed.

Looks like the Kitchen Windowbox is up next.
Anyone else out there a Farmer's Wife???
Leave me a comment, I would love to follow along!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesday

I am working on so many projects and quilt a long's right now.

But first I have an actual finish!
(well 4 squares of it)
is done!!


I wanted to make this a king size quilt,
and I made all of the cuts to make it king size.
But wow! This is a lot of work.
I completed these 4 blocks, quilted and bound them to make sure I really love it.
I do love it.
I have enough to make 16 blocks. But that might take some time.
So here is a mini-single girl!

Now my 2 quilt-a-longs...

This one is moving right along.
I have 3 blocks all done, 9 more to go.
I chose to make the smaller version.

I have 6 blocks so far.
They are addictive and I am really like them all so far.
Check out the flickr group for many more blocks.
I am going in alphabetical order and taking one from each letter of the alphabet as I go through the index.

So there you go,
hoping to make some more progress soon!