Monday, October 5, 2009

A really ICKY weekend

I am glad this weekend is over. Let's recap, shall we?
It started on Wednesday with the email from the husband saying he is at the Dr. and feels really bad. If he went to the Dr. all on his own then you know it is bad.
Officially diagnosed with the flu. GREAT!

Fast forward to Wed. night, Lil J wakes up throwing up in his bed. Then the floor and a couple of other places - many baths later and we are sleeping on the couch.
Thursday is no school for Lil J while husband stays home with him, I am off to Big J's school to be the woodworking mom of the day.
Friday taking it easy for everyone, Lil J throwing up again, off the after hours pediatrics. A popsicle and a shot of some anti-throw-up medicine we are back home.
Saturday, now Big J is now throwing up along with sick Lil J and husband. This is just spectacular.
Saturday and Sunday laying around in our jammies taking it easy, things are looking up.
Sunday night, Lil J cries from his bed and is throwing up again. Delightful. We will see how this night goes along with a new week.
Ahhhh, the flu - what's not to love?

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KarenSue said...

Oh my! That's not fun at all. I hope they take care of you if you get it.