Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Breakfast for Dinner

Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?
I made it a little extra fun tonight for my sweet boys. I added some mini M&M's to the waffle mix and they were SO happy ~ this is their favorite candy.

(did I mention that both of my boys were M&M's last year for Halloween?
The husband was SOOOO very happy about these costumes.)

I even got a couple of "mmmmmmmmm's" and "mommy this is better than good" from Big J. Lil J was waitin' on the bacon and even trying to steel some from everyone's plate.

The brotherly love even came out tonight when we told Lil J no more bacon, Big J gave him some of his. Awwww, they do love each other!

(Lil J's 1st Halloween, he was 9 months old here - Big J is 2).

I love it when everyone actually eats dinner and likes it! So many nights I make it and then it goes in the trash or to the puppy (who by the way is now almost 5o lbs at 5 months old!)
We are patiently waiting on Halloween to arrive, Disney's Not-So-Scary Halloween party is this weekend. Hopefully Big J's Fireman costume arrives in time. Come on UPS man!!!


Rene' said...

Enjoy the Disney not so scary halloween much better than Universal's Halloween Horror NIghts...not that I've been to either.

I am revisiting blogs I found during the Quilt Festival. I know I saw yours before because I remember I liked your blog name and header. However, i don't know how I missed that you live in do I. Saw picture at UCF game. Did you and your husband go there? We have season tickets to the games but haven't made it to any this' schedules, etc. My husband and I did not go to UCF, but my husband's business partner did so we have adopted the team. Can't have too many favorite football teams to cheer for. At the moment just watched FSU beat North Carolina...finally a win. Anyway, sorry for the long comment. Just thought I'd say hi.

kheaney said...

Yeah, someone from Orlando. I was born and raised here. I went to Boone HS and I went to UCF from '97-'01, I met my husband while I was there but he was going to Rollins. I think I have been to 2 games since the new stadium opened. It is hard to find someone to babysit for that long of a time. We considered season tix but not until the kiddos are older - and maybe UCF has a better team.

We are off to the Disney thing tonight, I agree about the Universal Horror Nights, I cannot stand the commercials. I don't think I would make it though a night there, never been - probably never will.

Did you also grow up here, or did you just recently move here? Thanks for leaving me a note, great to hear from you!

Melissa said...

I'm not from Orlando, but Louisville Kentucky. We were down there for vacation.. we went to the party Tues night! How funny! I was looking around wondering if there were other "bloggers" out there!

kheaney said...

Hi Melissa, just posted about our fun night at Disney. Thanks for the comment!