Monday, January 31, 2011

Little One is 4

He is 4,
my baby is 4.

We celebrated as any 4 year old boy would want to.
A day of Monster Trucks with his friends.
They had a great time together, even the big sister and brothers came along.

Daddies had a great time with their boys at the party in the pit.

And the mommys, who are usually never seen in photos, had a wonderful time too.

There were El Toro Loco's
and Gravediggers!

Silly boys and
Absolutely fun fun fun girls
 And sleepy boys

Flying trucks and doughnuts and crashes

And sweet brothers!

And a little afterparty for the kiddos on top of the husband's truck.

And the next day my little one was surprised with his most wished for present.

A police officer motorcycle!

Happy birthday my sweet angel, you are so loved.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Postage Stamp Quilt Top

It's done, at least the hard part.
The top is all pieced ~ and very girlie!

This quilt top is huge (at least for my standards)
It was supposed to finish around 60x80 ~ I didn't measure but we'll just assume that it is..

And it's really hard to photograph.

I tried hanging in on the clothespins on the back fence but a spider has made himself at home back there so that didn't happen.

And just because I think it is interesting...
here is the back of the top.
It kind of freaks me out to think I sewed each of those seams.

Just have to find some batting and we are ready to start basting, quilting and binding.

And in very non-girly news,
we are heading to Monster Jam tomorrow for my little one's 4th birthday!

It will be a boy day filled with
huge, loud trucks
a party in the pit
a ride in a monster truck,
and lots of little friends to celebrate with us.

Thank goodness for my wonderful friends Cara, Whit and Nikki that are coming along.

Just Had to Share

That this arrived

For this.

Quilt Dad

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Postage Stamp Quilt Progress

Wow this is a lot of piecing!
Here is my progress so far. 
All 48 blocks are complete,
now time for the construction phase.
8 of the 48 blocks are together.

My little assistant loves to help me out.

I just got the backing fabric and binding fabric in the mail!
I chose the flannel instead of cotton as the backing.

Waiting on another BIG delivery from the UPS man today!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Alright I'm In

I just might be crazy, but I decided to join in The Postage Stamp quilt along at
P.S. I Quilt.
I am coming in a bit late so I have been sewing lots of jelly roll strips and cutting them down to smaller strips.

I have made 8 of the 16 strip sets so far.

Those strip sets become this,
rows of 5 different fabric squares.

Which becomes a block that looks like this

So 48 blocks later I should have a quilt that looks like this.
This should be interesting!
(photo from P.S. I Quilt)

Except I am using Bliss instead of Sunkissed.

I just used 2 Bliss charm packs for this quilt
but I have decided to donate it to the silent auction for Joey's elementary school.

Plus I am waiting to use Sunkissed for this quilt a long.

Quilt Dad

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Valentine House

I have been so excited to decorate for Valentine's Day this year.
Probably because last year we had just started to get ready to sell our old house on Rosemary and none of this stuff was allowed!

So this year, bring it on! 

2 heart wreaths for our front doors.
Made from cupcake wrappers, 150 for each wreath, yep 300 wrappers.
I did a little search for Valentine's wreaths and found this really cute one

I found 2 wreath forms at Hobby Lobby.
Already red glittered so there was no need to wrap with ribbon.
Then spent some quality time with my glue gun and the cupcake wrappers.
I love them.

And while I was hanging around Tatertots and Jello,
I found these very easy and very cute Valentine's Day Ruffle Balls.

So easy, and they go great in my hurricane jar.

Remember that L'Amour Charm pack that I was waiting on the other day?
Well it arrived and I made a banner out of the charms.

It was really tough to take pictures of but it is so cute in person.

And these felt rosette balls took FOREVER!
But very worth it.

I made just two of them,
I originally planned on making several but just don't have the time.
But they sit up on our mantle nicely.

I am still using the candy jar I made at Halloween,
so easy to just switch out the bow and add new candy.

So there you have it, our Valentine's Day House.