Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Halloween Wreath



Inspired by the yarn ball wreath in

here is my version for Halloween!

I am loving indoor wreaths,
just adds a little fun inside.

I won't put it out until October (along with my Halloween quilt)

BUT I did buy more yarn in pretty fall colors for another wreath.
Fall is almost here! 

I posted my Halloween Wreath at these blogs. 
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Monday, August 23, 2010


Kindergarten started today.
I cannot believe I just typed that.

This boy was just born yesterday, seriously I was just at the hospital yesterday delivering him and now he is off to kindergarten.

The morning started off with a fun little breakfast of waffles with chocolate chips and whipped cream.

Hey, it's a special day!

Followed by the obligatory photoshoot in the front yard.
Ignore the half dead grass - ugh!

I think someone (little brother) was a bit jealous this morning.
Joey's family apple project mysteriously went missing and was later found crumpled up in his room.

The little one was the one to find it.

Excited to be one his way to school.

He did wonderful.
I am so proud of him!

He said the cafeteria was "pretty cool"
and he walked all by himself to my car once they called him name for carpool.

So here is my new worry...
How am I just supposed to drop this boy off on the curb in the morning????

We walked him in this morning and I told him I would continue to walk him in for the next couple of days but I would eventually have to drop him off in the car line.

So he says to me, "what if I can't get the door open?" 

SO now I have visions of my baby standing at a door he cannot open and lost. 

So much to worry about...
and this is just kindergarten!
My sweet baby!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Spookily Quilt

Are you ready?

Really ready...

for FALL!!!

Finally the summer is coming to an end and the best time of the year came begin.

I love fall, especially Halloween - such a fun little celebration (especially when the little ones are still little).

I saw this adorable fabric at my fabric store's big sale a couple of weeks ago.

They had 4 of the fabrics in this collection (fat quarters) bundled for something like $4.25 (on sale for 1/2 off)- so I bought 2.

It's called Boo to You by Riley Blake  -  LOVE the name!

I finished this cozy little quilt last night, it's for my boys for Halloween. 
It measures 41 x 41 - perfect for  2 snuggly little boys.

Instead of using white for the border and some of the smaller squares, I used Kona Cotton in the color Ash. 

The polka dot fabric had gray in it so I thought I would try something other than white or off-white.

Not sure that I love it though - but I definitely don't hate it.

My little model once again, he's shy you know.
Ignore the chocolate on his face, he just ate a cookie.

Each square has a patch sewn on top (some with an additional patch of fabric on top of that) and I left the edges raw for that frayed look.

This is the back, I added a strip with the frayed edged circles.

I added my little label from Sweetwater this morning.

I'm lovin' that label.

I will be putting it away until October actually arrives.

Hope I didn't freak anybody out talking about Halloween so early.

But really it is the best time of the year!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I love hand emboridery, espeically the ones just left in the embroidery hoops. 

Like this on found here

Or this one at Apartment Therapy

But this one really struck me (it's a monogram, maybe that's why)
or maybe it's the bazillions of french knots!

So I am trying something a little similar but different.

I am taking this fabric (green polka dots -what could be better!)
And I will be adding a bazillion french knots into each of the dots.

No monogram, just lots of practice and hopefully something very cool at the end.

Look at that little guy!

You can find the free printable for these embroidery floss holders here at Wild Olive.

So cute! 
And it works much better than the current wadded up and tangled mess in a ziplock bag!

So here is my progress so far.
Remember I am a beginner...

Now really close

I am really hoping this will look pretty cool once it's finished. 
If not, I will probably become a french knot expert at least.

Oh, and these little cuties arrived in my mailbox today.
So exciting!!!

My own labels from Sweetwater.
I LOVE their stuff!

Can't wait to add this to my latest quilt.
Don't freak out but it's a Halloween quilt for my boys.

Halloween & Fall will be here soon!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Winner of Camera Strap Slip Cover chose

Congratulations to

Jen T!!

Jen, I did not see your email address on your profile so please email me at

and you can tell me if you want this camera strap slip cover

or this camera strap slip cover.

Thank you for the recipes!