Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"You look like you have your hands full"

Why a guard doesn't stand outside my house telling me to just go back inside when I have the great idea to take the kids to Target, I will never know. I should know by now, just go later K, go when the hubs gets home and you can aimlessly wander every wonderful Target isle if you want.

But NOOOOO, I have to go with my boys, they have to come with me. I always think they will be good this time, and sometimes they are great - but most times they are crazy boys!

We left through the garden section to buy some new veggies to plant and herb seeds to grow and the little monsters are half in one of the water features. Before this they are running and playing hide and seek in the lingere section. So we are checking out at the garden section and finally I put Lil J in the cart which thoroughly makes him mad. So the man in line behind me feels the need to tell me "you look like you have your hands full." What an observation! I can only say "yes, I do" what else do you say?

Anywho - I am writing this blog with the intention that one days my boys will read about all of the wonderful things they said and all of the wonderful things we did together. But I really must include the things are frustrating for me now, but will be sweet memories very soon. Maybe one day you boys will have boys - or better yet, GIRLS!

I love you guys...

As I am typing this, Lil J is running out of the bathroom with just a t-shirt one. I guess he was trying to go on the big potty. He is an interesting little creature.

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