Thursday, August 27, 2009

Getting ready for 4 day 4's!

Here is my big boy on meet your teacher day. He is officially the big boy now going to his 4 day class.
He is so excited to be back at school!

Painting his bear bag. The class theme is bears and bees. Their class mascot is Honey (a boy bear dressed as a bee) and Honey 2 ( a girl bear dressed as a bee). They get to take turns bringing Honey home and taking care of it and keeping a journal (with mommy's help) about all of the things they do with Honey. They even had snacks of teddy grahams and honey combs. So cute!
Big J sitting in front of his cubby. Can't wait for Monday morning! This will be such a fun year for him.
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KarenSue said...

How exciting! They grow to fast. I'm so proud of you J...! Luv ya-Birthday Buddy.

Sharon said...

My little boy is growing too fast! He looks so big now! I hope he has a wonderful year! nana