Monday, August 10, 2009

twirly skirt gone bad :(

I have been trying all evening to make a twirly skirt. You may ask, why are you making a twirly skirt when you have 2 boys??

One, it was SO cute, and two it was for my niece - the only little girl in my family.

So because of my novice skills and the fact that math failed me tonight, the adorable twirly skirt is now a structured mini skirt. I am sure my sister would just LOVE my giving her 2 year old a mini skirt.
I am learning very quickly that I like to get things on the first try - not the second or 100th try - the very first time. I will stick with this sewing thing and my niece will one day have a twirly skirt made by her Auntie KiKi.
I would have posted a pic of the the mini but it is late and I am too tired to take a pic, upload to the computer and get out in blog land. So to bed I said - Goodnight!


KarenSue said...

Practice makes perfect! I see you found the web sight. I love yours. And check out Typing Out Loud on my sidebar and see Anthro in NYC! It's awsome. Auntie Sue might have to take you sometime. I know Mom can baby sit while we go. What do you think?

kheaney said...

Yes, I found a new blog background. Good find! I saw that one this morning. I finally went to their website, going to have to get over there soon. Yes, let's go, I am sure mom will want to go too - Leave the kids with dad I say!

Shari's Ramblings said...

You are scaring me....I am dizzy from the new website! Tee Hee

Shari's Ramblings said...

Poor Ashley doomed to twirly skirts!