Saturday, August 8, 2009

And an even craftier Saturday - Surprise from hubby!

My wonderful hubby got me such a sweet surprise today - my very own sewing machine! He pulled it off too, I was completely shocked! One this I know I am sitting in the parking lot at Sears because he said he had to "buy some too" and then 10 minutes later he is proudly carrying my sewing machine. I love it!!! I learned to sew today.

Ok, here is what I made...they sewing is not the greatest (yet!) but I made them! So proud :D~

On the left is my little car trash bin that velcros around my headrest, and on the left is my new water bottle holder, all great ideas from Ashley at I am going to try more of her project ideas for sewing practice.

I am just thrilled!!!! Thank you B, love you!

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Shari's Ramblings said...

I wanted to get you that for Christmas! Mom, PS you are the next Vera Bradley!