Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ok - I have to stop!

I have spent the whole weekend sewing - or learning how to sew I should say.

Here are some more of my little project babies.

This is a plastic grocery bag holder, again I found out how to do this at and the tutorial for this specific project is here.

I think it came out really cute, just kind of uneven but the colors make me happy and the yo-yo's in the middle came out as a sweet little touch. It is proudly hung on the entry to my house through the garage door. Really the boys and I will be the only ones who see this when we are coming and going from the house and of course when I am doing the lovely laundry - anything to brighten up that chore!

This project is found at the same blog, Make it and Love it and the specific tutorial is here. Now not only did I cover my wonderful new sewing machine, I also decided that my Kitchen Aid mixer needed a little cover too. So here are both covers.

Kitchen Aid Mixer
Kenmore Sewing Machine

So, I really must stop all of this all day sewing. Maybe night time projects are in my future, they may take me longer to complete but it is my FREE TIME - whoo hoo! The hubby is back to work tomorrow morning and I must get back to the kiddos. Off to the pediatician tomorrow afternoon. One 4 year well check for Big J and a recheck for Lil J. Should be fun!
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KarenSue said...

Awsome K......! I'm making the sewing machine cover today.

kheaney said...

Yeah! I have been using this fusible interface a bit to make the fabric sturdier. Just irons on the fabric. I like it, makes it look really crisp. Post pics!