Saturday, August 29, 2009

Little one is going too...

We decided that Lil J might like to go to "school" too, just like Big J. My sister found a great little preschool down the road from us and we had a little visit on Friday. Lil J loved it and we signed up for 2 days a week for Little One.

I really thought I would be so excited about this,
2 days of kid free errands, the gym, JOANNS, Publix & Target, walking Sadie, field trips, silent auction meetings, lunches, cleaning the house and other things that are easier to do when the boys are occupied.

But it was kind of sad to watch him run out the door onto the playground and not look back for mommy - my little one is not so little anymore.

He is excited and keeps asking if he is going to school today. 2 more days my little man.

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KarenSue said...

Big boy J! Have fun fun fun.

Sharon said...

My little boy is ready to go but will be happy to see Mommy everyday at pickup! Nana

KarenSue said...

We have the same background!