Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Morning

So on most mornings, Big J is my alarm clock, my sweet little wake up call. So this morning was no different, he comes in my bed and snuggles with me - so cute. I think I was still kind of asleep and Big J quietly says, "mommy, there is a roach on your bathroom door." Well that woke me up! EWWWWWW! He was right, so I find a trusty flip-flop and whack, whack, whack the horrible thing. I hate those awful bugs. So after I killed it I did what any good wife would do. I put the flip-flop over the body and left it for the hubby to pick up when he gets home. You never know, it might puts itself back together, come back to life and touch me or something. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

I think Raymond from Everybody Loves Raymond said it best - "you just keep me around for killing bugs and opening jars."

What a way to start a week.

So we are now watching Monster Jam and my Big J is so excited, he knows most of these trucks by name now. I am convinced he is going to be some sort of racer - Monster Trucks, NASCAR...he is obsessed with this kind of stuff. My sweet Lil J is playing with the Monster Trucks in a Geotrax Firestation. Boys - these are some of the toys you absolutely love.

Monday mornings are also grocery shopping days. We head off to the downtown Publix - good thing, we are out of apple juice and there might be a takeover if I don't get it soon. Apple juice addicts.

Just one more thing, as I am typing this my Lil J is laying next to me in his footer jammies saying through his binky, "mommy, I want to get cozies." AWWW so cute, he wants me to put his blankie on him. This blankie has a little elephant head on it and a little elephant trunk. One of Lil J's comfort things is to push the trunk into itself. This poor little elephant has seen better days but it is perfect for Lil J.

We'll see how Monday afternoon turns out after a 2:00 appointment at the pediatrician.


KarenSue said...

How do you change the colors of some of the words? You are just trying to have a cuter blog then mine.

kheaney said...

Go to make a new post and right about where you type there are some buttons for typing options. The T with colors next to it is how you change the font color. Play with some of them and see what you get. You can change the font style and color and size. Some more options too.

Shari's Ramblings said...

how come you help her and not me, cause she can sew?

kheaney said...

what do you need help with?