Monday, December 28, 2009

Quilts, Quilts and more Quilts!

Whoa - I just finished a month of making A LOT of quilts.

I am most proud of this one, this was my mom's Christmas present.  She wanted one with red in it so I thought Rouenneries by French General for Moda would be perfect.  I love this fabric!  The back is completely red but I am embarassed to show it - lots of snaggies, my foot broke halfway through quilting this one so I had to wing it.  Oh well, it was made with love and the top looks good!

These little cuties were my other big Christmas time project.  The husband's aunt wanted small quilts for her 5 granddaughter's American Girls.  I had just ordered the Moda Bake Shop sampler and those little squares were perfect for these quilts.  Each quilts has their initials on the back and is done with a specific color in mind.

Off they went to New York!  I really hope those girlies love them and keep their little American Girlies warm.

I think I am going to take a small break from quilting ~ at least until my new foot gets here!

Until then, I will be spending quality time with my new Cricut that my parents got me for Christmas.  Back to the scrapbooking. 

So many craft projects, so little time!

Oh yeah and we are off to the slopes soon!  I cannot wait to see me some snow!!


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Regina said...

You have been a very busy beaver! Beautiful quilts!

I will be happy to send you some snow- plenty to spare here! =)