Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter is arriving soon - finally!

Could it be?
Could it finally be?

Winter is here?

The cold front is on its way and we will have 4 straight days of cold. I am so excited. Maybe it will even last through Christmas. Wanna bet?

I love dressing the kiddos up snuggly and warm in hats and mittens.

I really don't think the kids care much. They are just waiting on this guy to arrive soon.

Poor Big J has been telling me EVERY day that it is SOOOOOO hard to wait for Christmas.

I know baby, it will be here soon - I promise.

Not too sure what he is smirking about in this picture, makes me worry what he told Santa.

I am excited for Christmas but even more excited for our

family vacation to go see snow soon.


Snowmen, sleds, snowball fights!

Now maybe you all think I am CRAZY but I am from Florida - born and raised - so these things are really exciting to me.

Now to live in the snow is another story, ya'll have fun with that one.


KarenSue said...

Oh I wish I could be there to watch! Floridians in snow is quiet the sight.

kheaney said...

No worries I will take lots of pictures - you know me :D~

Sharon said...

I wish I could go! maybe someday! Have fun and take lots of pics!