Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3 Little Babies

Trees that is.
My trees from the Arbor Day Foundation finally arrived.

Today was a beautiful day and my boys are home so we planted our little trees today.

I got a red maple for each of my little guys and a sugar maple for mommy & daddy.

I decided to plant them in pots until the "winter" is over in case we have a freeze I can just bring them in the garage overnight.

Big J getting ready to put his footprint on this tree pot,
he said it tickled to paint his piggies ;D

And my sweet Lil J getting ready to put his handprint on his tree pot.

Talk to the hand mommy!

I don't know how long we will live here in this house, maybe a little while longer, maybe these kiddos will go through high school here.
But it would be so sweet to see these trees grow with them.

Just a little fun before the big day.

Are you all ready for Christmas?

I'm not - I have lots of wrapping to do, but at least the shopping is done.

It is all up to the USPS and UPS and FedEx men to come through now...
And of course the greatest delivery man of them all!

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Brandi said...

I still need to wrap some more...as soon as I get off of here! Love the trees! Happy holidays!