Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Showin' & Tellin'

Happy Wednesday all!
I am showing off a little something I made yesterday. And a little something my 4 year old made at preschool today.
BCD Show and tell

My creation is this little Christmas tree made from small silver and blue ball ornaments and a cone shaped piece of styrofoam. I bought a clay pot and spray painted it red and tied the bow around it. I cannot tied a fancy bow but this one will do.
If anyone would like to show me how to make a proper bow, I would love to know.

And this is a creation made from my 4 year old Big J. I was patiently waiting for him in the car line and immediately after he popped in the car he handed me a brown bag with a red bow on it. This was a present for me.
He made Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.

Aren't they sweet. I love them.


Brandi said...

Ahhh Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus are so cute! I would love to know what they are made of (besides clay pots)!

Kristy said...

I bookmarked this tutorial for making wired bows last week and tried it this weekend - it really is pretty easy!

Kelly said...

The very best gift of the year I am sure. ~Kelly

kheaney said...

Brandi, It is made from a small clay pot and a wooden ball and just a little bit of fabric. I guess the teachers hot glued the ball to the bottom of the pot.

Kristy - thanks so much for the link!

Kelly - yes I loved it!

Connie Babe said...

hands of the best christmas presents EVER!!!

Cha Cha said...

The nativity is so sweet. GOD BLESS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS

steffany said...

So sweet!

KarenSue said...

A craft a day keeps the blues away!

Regina said...

Too Cute!

I'm also super-in-love with your christmas tree...any words of advice on how to construct this project in my own home?

kheaney said...

Regina, this was really easy. I found a styrofoam cone shape at the Joann's craft store (in the floral area) and then bought about 4 packages of the small ornament balls. They were on sale 60% off so it was not too expensive of a project.

Take the tops off of the ornaments and then use a hot glue gun and put a bit of hot glue where the ornament top (hanger thing) used to be and then push it into the styrofoam.

Once done, I used a wooden dowel and pushed it into the bottom of the cone and put a couple of styrofoam disks into the clay pot (which I spraypainted red) and pushed the other end of the wooden dowel into the disks. Added a bow and there you have it.

Good luck if you decide to do it! Kristin

Marielle said...

I like the tree ornament thing you have made. But I love the gift your son has made. I think you will use it for a long long time to come

Did my ornaments arive? I forgot to take a picture, can you send me one?

kheaney said...

Hi Marielle, no they have not arrived as of this afternoon. I will definitely send you a pic when they arrive, I cannot wait to see them!

Yes I love that little nativity too, I will have to start packing these things really well so I will have them for a very long time.

Sharon said...

Beautiful to treasure foreve!