Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What we did this summer

So my blog is called Write It Down and the whole reason I started a blog was to document all of the things that I want my boys to see one day, all of the things I know I probably won't be able to remember in several years. 

And along the way I have found some wonderful hobbies and blogs that I love to read. 
 And many times I post about the things I have made or want to make.

BUT, this post is for my boys. 

This is what we did this summer.  We have less than 3 weeks before my oldest begins kindergarten and my baby starts 3 day preschool.  We have our family vacation coming up soon and then summer is over. 

So here you go boys, this was your summer vacation 2010.

Joey finished Weekday School. You spent two sweet little years there and loved it. 
You made wonderful friends at WDS and learned so many important things. 
This is you on the morning of your last day.

Then we were off to Amelia Island for our Memorial Day vacation.

You both took your first sail boat ride

I love your silly faces.

Daddy started traveling more for work and you missed him. 
This is a picture of you guys that I sent to Daddy before he came home. 
We went and picked him up at the airport, which became one of your favorite things to do this summer.

Then we swam. 
Jacob spent much of the summer in swim lessons again with Miss Kennie. 
And it paid off.

It clicked for both of you this summer.  You are now little fishies.

And we swam some more -
sometimes in the middle of the afternoon but the most fun was to swim at night - all of us together.

Joey turned 5 and had a pirate pool party with his friends.

These were our normal mornings, an invasion of a sweet puppy and two little boys in Mommy & Daddy's bed.  Daddy was jealous because he had to go to work.  Sorry Hubs.

We went shopping, mainly at Target and Publix. 
This particular day you thought it would be fun to imitate Mommy at Target. 

We spent lots of time in the car going here and there.
I love a cute kid in the car seat picture.

And a dog in the front seat picture.
Our lady coming home from her day at the doggie spa.

Our days were really lazy sometimes and other times busy. 
This was a lazy afternoon picnic in the front yard.

Jacob decided he loved superheros.

And Toy Story 3 came out - along with all of the toys to go along with the movie. 
The gangs all here!
Joey decided he loved any and all of the Toy Story characters.

(photo credit: Joey Heaney with mommy's iPhone)

Joey got a kick out of kid's meal toys. 

Next we are off to the beach again for a few days before our big year starts.


We have had a good summer together.

Love my boys!

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Sharon said...

Great idea! Love the pictures an they are forever!