Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vacation Collections

I have been collecting these bumber stickers for the places that we have visited as a family.
I see them everywhere and I am always curious about them.

I see this one around Orlando a lot.

Probably because so many of us vacation at New Smyrna.
I started collecting them last winter when we visited Sugar Mountian, NC. 
I made the husband travel to the top of nearby Beech Mountain just to get one of these stickers.

(I tried to find an image online but  I couldn't find one.  My Sugar Mountain sticker has "SGR" and my Beech Mountain sticker has "SB" on it.  I was too lazy to take a picture and upload it this evening).

These are some of the others I have collected this past year.
Just wondering if anyone else has an interesting collection from their family vacations?


Amy said...

We always collect Christmas ornaments from our vacations. Fun tradition started by my mom when I was little.

Sharon said...

I used to have a GB sticker on my car a long time ago, for Great Britain. Thats where it started I think...