Saturday, August 21, 2010


I love hand emboridery, espeically the ones just left in the embroidery hoops. 

Like this on found here

Or this one at Apartment Therapy

But this one really struck me (it's a monogram, maybe that's why)
or maybe it's the bazillions of french knots!

So I am trying something a little similar but different.

I am taking this fabric (green polka dots -what could be better!)
And I will be adding a bazillion french knots into each of the dots.

No monogram, just lots of practice and hopefully something very cool at the end.

Look at that little guy!

You can find the free printable for these embroidery floss holders here at Wild Olive.

So cute! 
And it works much better than the current wadded up and tangled mess in a ziplock bag!

So here is my progress so far.
Remember I am a beginner...

Now really close

I am really hoping this will look pretty cool once it's finished. 
If not, I will probably become a french knot expert at least.

Oh, and these little cuties arrived in my mailbox today.
So exciting!!!

My own labels from Sweetwater.
I LOVE their stuff!

Can't wait to add this to my latest quilt.
Don't freak out but it's a Halloween quilt for my boys.

Halloween & Fall will be here soon!!!


annabelle said...

Halloween ... thanks for the reminder! I am a new crafter and blogger ( looking for inspiration. Thanks for the visit.

KarenSue said...

I love it! You are such a talented woman and I'm so proud of ya.
Love the cards!
Auntie Sue

Catswhiskers said...

its very pretty.
I love the monogram

Alexis said...

Love your green dot embroidery, can't wait to see it finished...great idea!

Brandi said...

How do you do the french knots? I love that monogrammed one! And your green dots! :)

Brandi said...

Also, where did you find the polka dot monogrammed one to begin with? I was trying to see if they had directions on there how to make it, but couldn't find it. THanks so much!

kheaney said...

Brandi - I just emailed you. Thanks for the comments!

CATHY said...

This is too cute! How do you make your french knots so full? Can you tell me how many strands you used and was it just 2 wraps around the needle? I would definitely get in some good practice doing this project. So cute, thanks for sharing.