Monday, August 16, 2010

EAT in our Kitchen and a little Giveaway!

Creations by Kara

I made a dry erase menu board this weekend.
I am adding this project to
Look What I Made at Creations by Kara.
Go check out some of the other projects!

We have got to get on some sort of a meal schedule...
to much "what do you want for dinner??? I don't know what do you want for dinner???" 

So I found an old frame, some scrapbook paper and my used my Cricut to make this cutie menu board for our kitchen. 

And yes, there is homemade chicken noodle soup in the crockpot right now.

I also love my Anthropologie EAT letters above the menu board.

But, as you can see I am in desperate need for some new and yummie recipes for dinner.
I would love to hear what your "go-to" recipes are for dinner.

Recipes that EVERYONE in the family will eat. 

Even two picky little boys and a picky husband.

So leave me your recipes in the comments section and I will randomly select a winner to receive a camera strap slip-covers (for Nikon and Canon DSLR or SLR cameras) made of this Amy Butler fabric. 

Or this Amy Butler fabric

Your choice!

I bought this fabric yesterday and will make the camera strap slip-covers tonight
(I will show you all tomorrow).

I will pick a winner on Wednesday (8/18) around 7:00 (eastern time).

Can't wait to hear all of your suggestions!


Brandi said...

My go to meal is usually chili, whether it be white or red. And in the summer I like to grill alot!

Sharon said...

chicken and rice is always a winner! so dont add the broccolli and use rice a roni rice chicken flavor or butter flavor. You can put all the ingredients in a casserole dish, uncooked... spread rice-also uncooked and seasoning over it and add water but not as much as they say on the package. its great......cook about 35 minutes add veggies on the side. Pick me!

Alyssa said...

We grew up on this...hamburger casserole.
• 2 lbs. of ground chuck
• Garlic salt and pepper to taste
• 1 large onion, diced
• 1 large bell pepper, diced
• 1 cup of noodles
• Butter
• Cheddar cheese
• 1 can of tomato soup

• Brown ground chuck, garlic salt, pepper, onion, and bell pepper together in skillet
• Boil 1 cup of noodles until tender
• Drain noodles
• Add butter and let melt
• In large baking dish, mix all ingredients above
• Spread 1 cup of tomato soup over the top
• Add cheese to top
• Bake at 350 for 20 minutes or until cheese bubbles

Brian said...

How about classic Hamburger Helper... its a classic all will eat!

Jen T said...

Stuffed Pizza Rolls from
My picky three year old loves these. And they are even good as leftovers.

Mad About Pink said...

being Italian I suggest pasta!
you can make it "carbonara" so cook some bacon in stripes in pan and prepare aside beaten eggs with salt and pepper. Once the pasta is cooked throw all in it. it' delicious! and quick. I have a lot of handmade recipes mainly Italian... if you like them just ask.

Christine said...

Go to recipe that all 6 of us eat is tacos - just have all the fixings in separate bowls & everyone gets to make it how they like it. The easiest dinner in our house because the whole gang can help out, too.
Love Amy Butler's fabrics! Many of my chairs have her fabrics on them!!

Christine said...

Love your EAT letters, also!! Plan to do it w/Amy's fabrics soon.

Addie said...

My favorite is chicken casserole. Easy to make and sooo yummy! My second favorite is homeade chicken pot pie!