Friday, August 13, 2010

And we're back early

Our end of the summer beach vacation went from this
(soooooo pretty)

to this

Like that sky?
It's was a lovely tropical depression in the Gulf.

So we cut out little vacation short and came home to play in the pool and just be at home.
But we did have 2 days in Longboat Key, Anna Maria Island and Siesta Key...
which means lots of vacation pictures!

in Anna Maria Island.

Lil J

Big J

Sweet brothers - they get along pretty well. 

This is what the sky was like miles out in the ocean...

and this is what the sky was like right above us.

The husband said, "let me take the camera so you are in the pictures"
Sometimes you would never know that I am actually at vacations, birthday parties, etc.

Know what I mean!

Speaking of the husband, here he is with his boys.

And can I say that I REALLY love these photoshop elements actions from The Pioneer Woman.

These two photos are the "seventies" actions - LOVE THEM!  Thanks Pioneer Woman!

This was Wednesday, our last day and it was raining and windy and supposed to rain for the next couple of days.  The ocean was really rough and the kids just wanted to be in the pool anyways, so we decided to come home early.


Army Wife Quilter said...

love the pictures. I wish some of that depression in the gulf reached us in centeral Texas it is 103 today I need some rain to cool it off. glad you had a great vacationt this summer.

Belinda said...

Looks like you all had a great time. The pictures of the sky were awesome too. Those of us who never get an opportunity to visit the beach love it when we can see candid shots of the beach, water, and sky.