Saturday, August 14, 2010

Master Bath Makeover Parts 1 & 2

Here we go down the home improvement road again...

We moved in about six months ago (I cannot believe it has been 6 months!)

I have searched and can't find a true before picture of our master bathroom before we moved in, so this is after some improvements have already been done. 

Originally this bathroom had wallpaper and different light fixtures and a large mirror. 
We removed the wallpaper and painted (a color that I hate!) and changed the light fixtures and added the two separate mirrors from IKEA.

So here we are at the before picture. 
We wanted to paint the vanity.

(Ignore all the crap stuff below the sinks,
we had already taken two of the doors off to paint)

The doors and cabinet are oak and in fine shape, just in need of a lift.

So off we go, we decided on black paint. 
We chose an oil based product from Sherwin Williams, added some paint thinner and it turned out nicely.

Half way there!

And the after, we love it!

Black paint and new hardware made a huge difference.

Up next, a new paint color. 
The current one is too close to the tile/bath/shower color.  YUCK.
And yes, I picked it, it was a rush thing and I chose wrong. 
I can't even blame it on the husband, I hate it when that happens.

I need some contrast.

I am trying to talk the husband into some wainscotting around the entire bathroom, like in this makeover at Rock in my Dryer.

We are going to see if the paint makes all the difference and then we will see about the wainscoting (crossing my fingers!)


KarenSue said...

WOW! Don't let your Mom see this.
I love that you chose black and used oil based paint I think.
See ya tonight!

Sharon said...

OVE LOVE LOVE it! its great now match the vanity in paint! good job!