Monday, August 23, 2010


Kindergarten started today.
I cannot believe I just typed that.

This boy was just born yesterday, seriously I was just at the hospital yesterday delivering him and now he is off to kindergarten.

The morning started off with a fun little breakfast of waffles with chocolate chips and whipped cream.

Hey, it's a special day!

Followed by the obligatory photoshoot in the front yard.
Ignore the half dead grass - ugh!

I think someone (little brother) was a bit jealous this morning.
Joey's family apple project mysteriously went missing and was later found crumpled up in his room.

The little one was the one to find it.

Excited to be one his way to school.

He did wonderful.
I am so proud of him!

He said the cafeteria was "pretty cool"
and he walked all by himself to my car once they called him name for carpool.

So here is my new worry...
How am I just supposed to drop this boy off on the curb in the morning????

We walked him in this morning and I told him I would continue to walk him in for the next couple of days but I would eventually have to drop him off in the car line.

So he says to me, "what if I can't get the door open?" 

SO now I have visions of my baby standing at a door he cannot open and lost. 

So much to worry about...
and this is just kindergarten!
My sweet baby!


Sharon said...

what a wonderful boy! so brave and grown up, independent! You are doing a great job MommY!

KarenSue said...

This is what happens when you blink! Stop blinking and step away from the school, your not allowed to hang around while school is in.
Enjoy this time!
I do see a little jealousy in the little one.
Luv ya,
Auntie Sue