Friday, June 24, 2011

2 Years I have Been Blogging

It's been 2 years of blogging now.
I went back and read my first post
Wow has life changed in 2 years around here.

My oldest boy is turning 6 very soon and my little one is almost 4 1/2.
In my first post I talked about binkies, those days are long gone now.

My boys are now little fish jumping in the pool,
getting braver and braver by the day,
even venturing into the ocean to boogie board.
No training wheels,
running back and forth to friend's houses in the neighborhood.
A wiggly tooth and preschool will be behind us in less than a year.

They are my boys, my babies.
They drive me crazy but good crazy. 
They are friends, little one still calls his big brother "Bubbie".
I often wonder if he will call his big brother "Bub" when they are grown men.
I adore them, I truly do.

I am so grateful for this little spot on the internet to write all of this stuff down.

This bloggy year has also inspired me to read more.
I started seeing suggestions on other blogs about books to read.
I read on my iPhone, yes my iPhone.
People look at me like I am CRazY but I'm not, really I'm not.

I am reading my 30th book in the last year at the moment.
Previously I would only read magazines.
Now I am always reading on my phone.
I just finished Unbroken (link is on the left side) and it was an incredible book,
tough(emotionally) to read but absolutely amazing.

And of course I am still quilting, I love love love quilting.
I have joined many quilt along's this year.
Those are the best, especially seeing other bloggers' progress.
I just ordered The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt for the FWQAL and I need to start making the cuts for the Kaleidoscope QAL.

So much going on around here.
Happy Anniversary to my Blog!


SueBee said...

2 years!!! Can hardly believe it. I need to check when my anniversary is. Happy Anniversary to your blog(you)...
Luv ya~Auntie Sue

just call me jo said...

Yeah for reading! As an OLD, English teacher (the comma makes it old teacher, not olde English--hahaha--a little punctuation humor.) Your boys are super cute and smart. You'll have to publish your blog posts. I've heard it's a great remembrance thing. (I personally don't want to preserve my ramblings, but...) Blog on! Quilt on! I'm in awe that you have time for both. Love your quilts.

aPearantly sew said...

Congrats on 2 years of blogging :) I'm so glad you started this blog because it's one of my favorites. I love your quilts. You are truly an inspiration to me in my sewing ventures.

Melody said...

congratulations on your anniversary! Such a great way to chronicle your boys ~ love 'Bubbie' - so sweet!

I also read "Unbroken" this year and thought it was SUCH an amazing story! Have recommended it to A LOT of people ~

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Congrats on your two year bloggy anniversary, Kristin! Thanks for the inspiration :)