Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Posting

I needed a place to keep it all in one place. All of the silly things the kiddos do, say, create - whatever.

Its again summer in FLA (the season that lasts from May until November), hot, humid and horrible. But the little ones are learning to swim this summer so they are at least comfortable in the pool.

No preschool, just long days at home this summer and I am finding that it is not as bad as I was thinking it would be. Big J and Little J are actually getting along. Lots of "bubbie - what are you doing? what is that? from Little J (mumbly of course as he is talking through his binky. aka, bink bink, stinky binky, binks - all of the wonderful nicknames we have given to his NUK pacifier). Big J is talking back, telling his little bro how to play geotrax correctly, how to put the puzzle pieces in the right places, etc.

Oh, then it ends suddenly with Big J giving Little J a pop in the eye or a shove. BOYS. Wait, then they are hugging each other and happy as they can be. I cannot keep up, I have been told that this is what boys do and to stay out of it. I'm trying.

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