Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My boy and his butterfly

Our neighbors brought over three little cups last week, each filled with a chrysalis.  They were going on vacation and asked if our boys would like to watch them turn into butterflies.


We took them all with us to Amelia Island, one hatched on the way there and the other two came back home with us, they weren't ready yet.

Yesterday we came home in the afternoon to this sweet little butterfly in a cup.

Our instructions said that we should wait about 4 hours and then it should be able to fly.

So we waited and I took Big J out with me while Lil J was napping on the couch.

This butterfly did not want to leave, he must have stayed with Big J for at least 20 minutes before he flew away.

Maybe it wasn't ready to go just yet but he let us get some great pictures and we really got to see what a butterfly actually looks like.

It got really close!

And then it was time to fly away.

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KarenSue said...

Beautiful photo's!