Monday, May 31, 2010

A Surprise Vacation for the boys

Well really a vacation for the husband, because he works waaaaayyyyyy tooooooo hard for his money. So I tried really hard to keep it a secret where I was taking my 3 boys but the husband cannot stand not knowing so he broke me down and found out.

We went to Amelia Island Plantation for the Memorial Day Weekend.

Some got over their fear of the ocean and some did not.

Big J finally discovered that he loves the waves and Lil J just wanted his daddy.

A really tough guy

The weekend was complete with toasting marshmellows for smores on the beach

Lots and lots and lots of swimming in the pool with daddy

And even a family bike ride

And  an evening sailboat ride

My sweet baby is turning 5 soon. 

Happy Memorial Day!



Sharon said...

So much fun! The boys are so lucky to be able to do all these fun things!!!

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

What a fun weekend. I would love to visit Amelia Island one of these days! The sailboat ride looked fun too. Cute boys!!