Monday, June 28, 2010

Turning 5

My baby turned 5 over the weekend and we had a
Pirate Pizza Pool Party!

When I first started planning this party I searched on Etsy for some invitations and found this wonderful shop

Please go visit and take a look at all of the wonderful things there, including these...

I llllllooooooovvvvvveeeeedddddd this customized invitation! 
Thank you so much Papercandee Shoppe!

Cupcake toppers that I used everywhere

including cupcakes

Our pirate party house.

Here he is, my now 5 year old. 
We have come to an agreement, no more getting older. 
He promised me this today. 
5 was the limit. 
I am holding him to it.

He really enjoyed his pool party with his sweet little friends.
They stopped moving for one second to give me this picture, aren't they sweet!

And then they were off again.

The proud mommy and daddy!

This is a tradition I stole from my Uncle Duncan, I was told that he would take a picture of his girls (my cousins) in their bed right when they wake up on their birthdays. 

This is Joey's the morning he turned 5.

And in case you are wondering, these are his other birthday morning pictures.

We decided on a fun lunch at the T-Rex cafe at Downtown Disney the day of his birthday. 

The chocolate extinction dessert and a song from the T-Rex cafe staff. 
A big weekend for a big boy.

Happy birthday my love! 

Now onto convincing this Lil one to stop growing up. 
Maybe I will let him get to 5 also, but 4 just may be my limit.


Sheree said...

Oh my gosh! I love the idea of taking a photo of them when they wake up on their birthday! And shoot, wish I had read this 5 years ago! Irreplaceable moments in time to be sure!

Sharon said...

Great Pictures! Ive been waiting patiently for them! we had fun at the party and the cake was great!I agree, no more growing up 5 is big enough to be perfect!

KarenSue said...

Was a great party! Happy Birthday to my buddy!

Our Story... said...

Hey Kris! I just wanted to say congrats on your year anniversary for your blog - I'm really amazed at all that you do, you're such a good mom! I think you should do into kids' party planning! Love the pics from Joey's birthday, I can't believe how grown up they are already. Talk to you soon!