Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Daddy's Day

I have crawled out from the rock and discovered the ENTIRE Twilight series.
I do not know where I have been but I thought I would read the first book, you know to see what it is all about - I heard it was good. 

I was hooked.

I downloaded the books to my iPhone and I think I stared at my phone for a whole week.  Of course I went right into the next book, then the next, then the next.  And I watched the first 2 movies and I am impatiently waiting for the 3rd to come on on the 30th.

Waiting and waiting and waiting...

But today is Father's Day.

Yeah for daddys!

Here is the daddy in our house.

Sometimes he's a coach...

Sometimes a lifeguard

Sometimes a really good place to sleep...

And of course the best swimming buddy.

Happy Father's Day Mr. Heaney. 
We love you!

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KarenSue said...

Happy Fathers Day Mr Heaney!

Sharon said...

Grat shots of boys and daddy! i told you they were good books! Listen to your Mother! she knows books! Joey could start Harry potter. read him a chapter a night!