Monday, May 3, 2010

A Little Weekend Project

I finally discovered Home Goods this weekend.  I do not know how I have not been to the place before but my husband we are really lucky that there is not one close by.  I walked in and I immediately saw cake stands with polka dots!  I have been on a cake stand kick for some reason and there were a ton with my favorite thing...polka dots.

Anywho, back on track.

I found this sweet little table at the Home Goods and brought it home.

Then stopped at the Ace Hardware on the way home and picked up
a peg board and a little paint pod.

A paint pod in Honey Pot - too cute!

And created this little potting area for momma.

My sweet Big J made this little plant holder for his mommy at a Home Depot kids workshop with Daddy. 
So sweet, he is going to paint it and find me a plant for it too.

Do you love it! 
I do. 

Now hopefully that little lady in the bottom corner of this picture
does not eat all of my plants like she did last year. 

Ok, we're are off to do what we do best...

The heat is on so we will be here all summer.


kipp said...

they are going to love that pool all summer!

kipp said...
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Skamamama said...

i popped into homegoods today and saw a sea of polka dots as well . . . cake stands, coffee mugs etc.
we bought that table a few months back but yours is green ours is black. i love it!