Monday, May 3, 2010

I think I want a farm

Have you seen Sarah's House on HGTV? 
She bought a farm,

I have been thinking that I want a farm someday. 
Well at least the farmhouse Sarah is renovating.

She gets to wear things like these...and look cute.

This is my favorite room at the farm so far, the mudroom.

Here is another reason...

Aren't they sweet. 
This one has come over to us before, I remember his eyes - so different!

We need to bring them carrots and apples next time we head down Judge Rd.

See the baby on the left.

Lil J getting a lift from Nana on the way home from dinner. 
He was the one who wanted me to turn around to see the horsies.

So yeah, I might want a farm one day with a horse
(and someone who knows how to take care of one).

Until then we will just stop for visits, now to find an apple orchard...
Slim pickins around here, but I am sure I could find some orange trees. 


KarenSue said...

So much like your Auntie Sue!
Sorry Nana

kipp said...

How could this happen????

Sharon said...

Obviously that wasnt Kipp....PS theres no target Joanns or Ikea on the farm...