Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Party

Big J's time at preschool has officially come to an end. 
I am sad, very sad. 
I would keep him there forever if I could.

But....I did get to throw the end of the year party!

Those bears up there are Mr. & Mrs. Honey. 
The whole party was themed around them. 
They were the adorable class mascots for Big J's class. 
They are bears dressed as bees because they LOVE honey!

This past year we took turns bringing them home on the weekend.  Strapped them into our cars and took them along with us wherever we went.  Then we wrote journal entries about our time with Mr. or Mrs. Honey and then it was off to the next house.

So of course they came to the party.

There were kiddos playing and bouncing and crafting and eating yummy food.

Bees everywhere.

Some flowers.

Some more bees.

And of course presents for the kiddos. 

And a sweet little group photo.  Love all these kiddos. 
They are going their separate ways next year, I will miss these little ones.

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Regina said...

Such a cute idea / party theme!