Thursday, September 17, 2009

a sweet new friend

I spent the morning with my new friend, she hails from the great state of Alabama and she is just lovely. She says fun words like "fuddy duddy", makes sweet booties for her baby girl, let's me "shop" for boxes in her garage and yes, has a healthy appreciation for The New Kids on the Block. Her girls are just precious (they make me want to try for a girl). Who else would be excited to see what I make out the 5 boxes that I took from her garage this morning but my wonderful crafy new friend?!?
She is so fun to talk with, she likes the same things I do, vacations where I would like to go someday and has actually been to a craft show (I forget the name but I compared it to "Etsy Live").

So my new friend, I am glad we have met and our kiddos have fun together and our husbands play golf together. And don't worry, you will definitely Rock Your Minivan like nonother!

Just remember, this little chick magnet might be all yours someday!

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Sharon said...

I like boys that pick their noses!