Monday, September 7, 2009

Knock Knock...

My sweet Big J told his first knock knock joke the other day - it actually made sense, big time for a 4 year old. It went like this...

Big J "knock knock"

Mommy "whose there?

Big J "cargo"

Mommy "cargo who"

Big J "car go beep beep"

Wow, he thought of that little one all on his own. So daddy has been trying to teach him the knock knock joke about the banana and orange but we are working at it. He likes to add some other options in there like this.

Big J "knock knock"

Daddy "whose there?"

Big J "banana"

Daddy "banana who"

Big J "knock knock"

Daddy "whose there??"

Big J "banana"

Daddy "banana who????"

Big J "knock knock daddy"

Daddy "whose there?"

Big J "orange"

Daddy "orange who??"

Big J "banana are you glad I didn't say orange with a beep beep car"

HUH? Were working on this one. We were laughing so hard about this one in the truck tonight. Daddy said he would try to tell this one at preschool tomorrow and all the kids would be looking at him like he is crazy. I wish I could hear all of their little conversations at school. They would crack me up. 4 year olds are so funny.

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