Monday, September 14, 2009

Mod Podge update

Oh Mod Podge, I thought you were going to be an easy project.

Mistake # 1
I attempted a cylinder shaped utensil holder, I should have just done a flat surface.

Mistake # 2
I tried strips of paper instead of one sheet.

Mistake # 3
I then tried to cover up the strips with one sheet.
Mistake # 4
I tried to spray paint it black.
Bye Bye poor little utensil holder ~ you died a slow little death. The husband was not impressed with this little project. Oh well!

But I am not a quitter.
I decided to rummage through my closest and found a frame just laying around and decided to spray that black. There were 3 inserts that I sprayed teal and I mod podged the matting for Big J's room. I thought it would be cute to put some pics of him and his preschool friends in his room. He loves his friends, he is going to be a such a good friend as he gets older - he is a loyal boy. Very sweet and considerate of others. I love that about him.
Pics tomorrow, little man is fast asleep and the frame is in his room. Preschool picture day tomorrow.