Wednesday, September 16, 2009

awww what a cute puppy

Sadie, our sweet yellow (well almost white) lab has been our girl for about 6 weeks now. The husband and I love her. We call her Sadie Lady, Sadie Lazies (she is a sleeper) and so on. The boys have a mostly love/hate relationship with her. At this very moment I am watching my boys play fireman on the porch and watching Sadie follow them back and forth with Lil J's bink binks in her mouth.


Now I am thinking I will have to ween 2 babies off the binks. Ok so maybe she just wants to chew it.

Double Yum.

Anywho, the joys of a pup. She is lovely she really is. She is most lovely when she decides to chew up the toilet paper and leave it all scattered around the house for me in the morning. Thanks Sade.

But so sweet is when we go to pick up Big J at school and take our Lady with us in her front seat in the car. She is happy as can be when they put her boy in the car. The best was when we got home today and Big J gave her a sweet hug and told her she was the best dog in the world. And as she is attacking in her playful way our cat Sam (samuel, samuel hink-O-lees and so on) she is the best dog in the world.


KarenSue said...

What a cutie! How about a new kitty! I'll ask big J. Ohhh that's what I'll do. Can I come over tomorrow?

kheaney said...

Speaking of a new kitty...we took a family ice cream night at the DQ tonight and the sweetest little black kitty was rummaging around the dumpster. Tried to convice B to bring him/her home and that was a no go. I can only push things so far.
Sure come on over, I will probably be home with the boys around 2:15, they are both in school all morning and early afternoons on Tues & Thurs. DOes this work?