Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Success or A Fail? I don't know

My sweet friend asked me to make this bag that she saw over at Make it and Love it.

(which is funny because I used Ashley's blog so much to learn to sew over a year ago)

So I said, sure!

We went shopping at the Hobby Lobby and she picked out the fabric she likes and I told her I would definitely have it done before her little baby # 3 arrives in May.

So Christmas is over,
the kids are back in school
and I decided to tackle the bag on Monday.
It was going well, really well and looking really cute.
I was very proud of myself.

The fabric combo is very cute too.

(The flap open to show the lining of the bag.)

So I get all of the sewing done and then came the part about attaching the snaps to the strap.
Well of course I originally bought the snaps without the little tool thing and velcro that was not made for fabric.

I finally found what I needed at Walmart.
Back on track, right?

Um, no.
Once the snaps are snapped they won't come unsnapped.

(look at the crazy stitch!!  I could not get around the snaps)

So I bring in the husband and as he is trying to unsnap it,
half of the snap pulls straight through the fabric.


So I decided to use the velcro.
Lots of velcro,
Uggggghhhhhhh look at all of that velcro!

Not pretty and I have no idea if it will work once there is stuff in the bag.

So here it is.
What is the saying...
Good from afar, but far from good.

The whole purpose of this bag is to use it as a messenger bag and then it can SNAP up around your stroller handles and be a stroller bag.
So I guess the sewing part is a success
and the hardware part is a fail.

She will see it soon, maybe I will offer to rip some seams and just attach the long strap.
We'll see.

So disapointing when you have a fail.


Chelsy@ Sweet Pea Kisses said...

It's still very cute! I'm sure she will appreciate it regardless!

I saw this bag on Ashleys blog and wanted to try it. Was it hard? I'm just a beginner :)

DanielleisNesting said...

Fail? Hardly! It looks fantastic. You can't expect (really it's handmade who would want)a machined look. Stuff like that happens with hardware at times. I love it!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

The bag is beautiful, though! I do love the color combo. The velcro doesn't look bad at all. I've never put a snap on anything, now I'm scared!

Shell in your Pocket said...

To me that is totally amazing!!!

sandy toe