Saturday, January 8, 2011

Little Addiction

I have several little addictions in my life,
nothing harmful,
just time sucking little addictions.

The major addiction is my appendage iPhone.
The Hubs bought this for me last year as my Christmas present.
It is amazing what this little black rectangle can do.
But I spend most of my iPhone time with these apps.

Most recent is Words with Friends,
I am currently playing with a sweet friend of mine who just beat me.
Watch out Mrs. B, I will come back!

And of course the Facebook and Twitter apps (I'm @kristinheaney)

And Pandora.
I love Pandora, what's not to love about Pandora.
Especially in the car.

And Google for my gmail and my reader
(thank you to Mrs. Williams for setting this one up for me!)

But the app that has most surprised me is my Kindle App.
I shamefully admit that I have not read a book for me in a llllloooonnnngggg time until I found this wonderful app last summer.

Sure that has  been tons of reading in our house
for the boys.

But nothing that I have read for me.
I just wasn't interested for some reason.

But then I got the FREE Kindle app and downloaded a couple of books and BAM,
I was hooked.

I think it was the Twilight saga that sucked me in.
You know when I didn't leave my house for a week this past summer and read all 4 books in what seems to be one sitting.

So today I finished The Hunger Games (book 1).
This picture was taken yesterday early afternoon. 

 See the little blue line towards the bottom of the phone.
That is how much of this book that I read yesterday and I am finished with it this morning.

Good Book?
Um, yes I think so!

And this is my new cutie case that The Husband bought for me this Christmas.

So I am moving on to Catching Fire, the 2nd book of The Hunger Games.
And to keep track I added a list of books I have read or reading over on my left side panel.
(Completed books in 2010 and books I am reading in 2011.)

Thank you iPhone and Amazon Kindle for bringing me back to the world of reading
(and making it so easy!)


Alison @ Welcome Sunshine Home said...

Hi! I enjoyed The Hunger Games series. I stayed up way too late a few nights this summer and flew through all three. Enjoy Catching Fire and Mockingjay! :)

Oh and that iphone case is super cute!


mel said...

I LOVED the Hunger Games series!!

Nicole said...

There's a free Kindle App?? Thanks for sharing that! The Twilight Saga sucked me in too. I've seen The Hunger Games on quite a few people's blogs, I'll have to check them out. I'm planning on reading 24 books this year (its one of my new years resolutions)