Monday, January 3, 2011

2 Boys and Playroom

Our little guys got a big surprise on New Year's Day 2011.
Their very own playroom.

My parents took the boys to a football game for the day and when they came home the husband and I had created a little space just for them.

We started with a pretty blank slate.
Just a chair, table and one picture in the room.
This was our formal living room but I would much rather have a room
in our house that gets used.

So first we found a rug so its cozy and comfortable for playing on the floor.
This is Sam, he is strange, but sweet.

I actually got the hubs to go to IKEA (he is not the biggest fan of IKEA.  Probably because he just sees boxes and boxes of things he potentially must put together) to shop for furniture and we tried to find just what we were looking for but it didn't happen.

We decided to take the armoire from Joey's room instead and use it in the playroom.
Works perfect.
We also got them this TV and they have Daddy's XBox 360 and their Wii plugged in.

I actually made that bean bag from this pattern over at Made.
It had a cover but the zipper broke and now we just use the inside section of the bag. 
Works just fine for me.

We added lots of puzzles, books and games that were in their rooms.

We still have a ways to go, we want to add some paint and
lots of family pictures on the walls.
But they are just loving their little space.

Even our sweet Sadie likes to hang out with her boys in there.

 Lots of lounging and game playing over the weekend.

These guys are always around.

My little one has lots of room for his firestation, batcave and firetrucks now.

Things are already getting back to normal around here now that the
kiddos are back in school.
I dropped Joey off then Jacob and then headed straight for Target.

Happy Mommy


Sharon said...

LOL I love the all. by. myself...

Anonymous said...

adorable. kiddy-enough for them... adult enough for y'all.

super cute.

DanielleisNesting said...

How wonderful! They look so happy and it's so chic!