Friday, December 31, 2010


 I am slowly but surely deChristmasing our home.
The tree is out of the family room and the stockings have been taken down.
The red in the house is gone and replaced with whites, silvers and blues.
And snowflakes, lots of snowflakes.
We don't get the real stuff.
No, not ever, not even once.
So we pretend with pretty glittered snowflakes.

All around the house.

We are looking forward to the new year.
And to January.
Up until 4 years ago it was a pretty uneventful month for us.

But this little guy came along at the end of the month,
And I get to plan a birthday party for this almost 4 year old.
Happy New Year to all!


Sharon said...

Thats exactly what I did! left up some of the white lights and changed everything to silver and gold and white for winter!!! I put a silver wreath on my door with a gold and white bow...I used to take my Christmas wreaths and cover them with fake snow for January! Now for the important stuff what does Jacobini want for his big birthday coming up?????

just call me jo said...

Look at you, festive snowflake. Happy birthday to the cute kid. Party on.