Monday, December 27, 2010

Better Late than Never - A Christmas Quilt

Well I finally quilted my Christmas quilt on my new sewing machine today.
Yes, it is late, but at least it will be nice to have next year!
(My labels from the Sweetwater Label Crew ~
check it out, I love getting these cute labels each month)

It isn't bound yet, just pieced and quilted.
I finished and ran outside to catch the light before dark.

These adorable reindeer are from the Dash Away pattern at Twin Stitchers.
They are so cute!

A close-up of the quilting.

The binding will be the red with white polka dots. 
I'll have to tuck it away for next year.
But at least I finished it!


Belinda said...

Oh MY!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!! And I too have Christmas projects I need to do, even after Christmas....maybe so they'll be done by next year...

just call me jo said...

That's adorable. You quilted it on your new machine? You do good, lady. I'll never let you see my work. Mine's only suitable if your a man riding by on a fast horse, or whatever the saying is.

Stuff by Ash said...

This is adorable! I am loving it!

Coley Ru said...

Soooo Cute! I am honored to be included in your awesome creativity! I love your use of the reindeer this way! Thank you so much for sharing! Coley of Twin Stitchers

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

This is amazing, Kristin! I love it!

Becky said...

I love it! I was obsessed with all things reindeer this Christmas! This is just too cute!

Alli said...

I love this quilt plan on making something like this for this Christmas... What kind of new machine do you have?

Karen McCorkle said...

I love cute. Thanks for sharing.