Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A little king

I never would have known until this year that my little one was a shy little one.  He is silly, loud and crazy at home and around his friends.  But get him in front of a big group of mommies and daddies and he becomes one shy little guy.

Today was my little one's class Christmas program at preschool.  They practice and practice their nativity scene and today was the big day.  All the sweet kiddos in front of the classroom dressed up for their parents while their teacher reads the Christmas story, they were of course adorable.  And my baby was so shy he just hid behind his best buddy Mac for protection and stared at the back wall. 

This year my sweet Jacob was one of the three kings, Mac was another and the third was absent because he was sick. 

Aren't they adorable. 
My baby is the dark-haired king trying his best to hide from all of the photo taking.

I know I have said it before but I love preschool.
Not just preschool, this preschool.
I love that the teachers here take so much time with the children to show them what this nativity scene means.
They are learning such important things at this place, I really do love it.


KarenSue said...

How sweet! Memories that will last forever....slow down little one!

just call me jo said...

Love the costumes. Those are pretty elaborate for pre-school. I think it's wonderful that they remember the true meaning of Christmas. My grandsons are shy in programs too, but definitely NOT shy at home. Cute little king.

Sharon said...

his Mommy was shy in front of people too so Im not surprised! Most little ones are! He's so beautiful!