Sunday, December 26, 2010


Love the Blur!
Just some pretty pictures I took today.
It looks like fall in Florida right now,
 the leaves are changing all around us because its been so cold.

Our Christmas tree is still up, maybe we will take it down tomorrow...
maybe not.
The husband is on vacation all week!
I asked and asked and asked him to turn the sprinklers on so that we could have some icecicles in the morning, it is going to get to freezing overnight!!!
Big news for us here in FLA.

But he said no, maybe another fun neighbor will think like me and turn their sprinklers on tonight.

Try to stay warm.
 And of course stay cozy!

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just call me jo said...

Love the cozy quilt. Isn't it odd that Florida would be so chilly! AZ is still pretty warm, but we expect rain tomorrow.